Dream 2023.4.8

I had flown to Japan and was meeting some friends and enemies at a restaurant where you could play video games while you wait for your food. We played several selections including Devil May Cry, a 4-player minigame collection starring outlandish characters. After a very strange action/karaoke minigame, the people I was with started to leave. I became panicked because I didn’t remember whether I had paid for my food. It was getting late and I was getting ready to speak to an employee who ended up being an American, throwing off my plans to speak in Japanese. My problems were further compounded when I realized that a girl had caused me to drive my car off a cliff by the road and my wallet was at the bottom of the sea along with my car, just as in the City Hunter episode I watched the night before. The restaurant tried calling my enemy, who was the person who had set up the meals, but he was agitated on the phone. I went to the mine-like underground dining area to speak to him in person but he was on the verge of tears. I was trying to get through to him but all he did was tell me that the cops would react badly to me not paying, despite the restaurant agreeing to wait for me to pay if I discovered that I had in fact not paid. My friend went back with me to the counter and as I explained the situation, they prepared another platter of food for me, this time with meat instead of tofu. My friend warned me of this so I said he could have the meat. My friend and my enemy left with the food. My family was there and my mom said my dad was a bitcoin millionaire for now, and he could lend me some money. In our hotel room he had a small ring box full of diamonds and said I should go pawn one to get the cash, but I didn’t have an ID since my wallet was gone. While I was inspecting a diamond, I found two little black pixel squares on each side that you could use to enlarge and explode the diamond like a diagram when you pulled on them. The diamond was full of plastic layers and curved rods in primary colors. I spent some time expanding, disassembling, and contracting the diamond, until I held it near an opened window-mount air conditioner that was on the floor and accidentally mangled its delicate white rubber fans and rubber moisture splatterers with the sharpness of the diamond. Feeling bad about this and about the restaurant situation, I felt worse when I remembered that I hadn’t told anyone at my office that I was going on vacation.

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