Dream 2023.3.26

At my parents’ house upstairs watching Return of the Jedi on Laserdisc, on the old JCPenney TV. It’s next to a newer tube TV. I am wondering if the other TV is hooked up to the LD player as well. The movie has a preview of itself at the beginning, with two annoying guys doing running commentary on the famous scene with some giant guy lying flat, face down, on top of a pyramid, and at one point changing the direction of his head and limbs to try to grab some people who have climbed above him to get into the small structure on top. Commentary like “he smells like it,” etc.
The movie is about a group of Rebels trying to sneak a kid into a large government facility where he is being searched for. Nancy Pelosi needs the kid in order to launch a space shuttle and they are trying to avoid his capture at all costs. There is more Huttese spoken in this movie than any other Star Wars film.
The kid is in my parents’ house. We hatch a plan with one of my friends to use my car to get the kid to safety, while some arrogant guy mockingly takes pictures of my jaw with a vacuum cleaner hose in an attempt to intimidate me into telling him where the kid is. My friend drives away from the diagonal back-in parking space directly across from the front yard.
After night comes, we are in the driveway getting something out of my car’s back hatch. I discover that the kid is the son of one of Mom’s friends, and the reason behind all this turmoil is that the small violin he’s using makes it hard not to play multiple strings at once. I say that there’s something wrong with the bridge, which is now a lozenge-shaped piece of wood with small raised areas for each string to rest on. I don’t think the curve of the bridge is correct, but Mom protests. She thinks there’s something wrong with the “innercord” (a part that does not exist) connecting the tailpiece to another part on the violin that I struggle to name, under the fingerboard. There is loud dance music coming from a treehouse across the street, featuring a lighted inflatable palm tree. This is apparently something new we have to live with. We are in the living room and I notice that it is 12:56 AM, and I am upset because I won’t get enough sleep.

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