Dream 2023.9.4

We were driving around in Dallas at night and I decided I needed to get some cash so we went to the Fifth National Bank. There was a spray paint stencil sign/wanted poster of a grinning guy with an elaborate mustache and a patch over his left eye with a skull and crossbones on it. I went inside and began to fill out a ballot/survey about whether or not they should arrest the guy on the sign. A different guy came in to rob the bank and while he was threatening the teller, I asked him if the guy on the poster was his friend and whether he helped him rob banks. The robber said no, so I voted “no” and signed the ballot.
I left the bank and called 911 to report the robbery. I got a detailed explanation of how the street numbering worked, and guessed that the bank was in the southwest part of the city. I was totally wrong and it was in the northeast. We drove around, trying to avoid the area, but ended up right back at the bank. The police figured out where the bank was anyway, and I tried to tell the officer this was the place from my position in the car.

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