Most movies here require DivX

Drumming and other random stuff

I used this to test out my capture card.

All Your Base

The original version

All Your Base 2

The better-edited remake

Star Wars: The Cantina Strikes Out

Jedi battling stormtroopers and other exciting stuff!

Specific Hospital

Something is not right at this hospital.

Random Battles

Part one of a series of Final Fantasy movies.

Star Trek: The Next Iteration

(lame title, I know)

Walking in the Footsteps of Our Childhood
One of the many things that happened while TEM was here

It Came... From the Internet
* [outtakes]
Documentary with TEM regarding the Internet.

The Power of Cheese

What happens when you eat cheese?

Smeagol Biscuits

The Smeagol Biscuits commercial. Outtake 1 Outtake 2

Argrothon's Curse

The curse is watching it.


The sequel to Lizard Dude's "HarmonicaNub."

Possibly the greatest commercial ever.
(30-second version)


(54-second version)

Infinitely less important stuff
Capture1 DivXperiment Face Game Collection Sword'd Upstairs

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