Don’t be had

Be careful when you order SD cards online. I got one from a seller on Amazon that was purported to be a genuine SanDisk product, but…


I got this nonsense instead. The most telling defect of this forgery is the adapter, which sports an amazingly fake SanDisk logo imitation, and also claims to not only support microSDHC, but microSDHC as well! (????) Other than that, you have a supposed microSDXC card which instead says microSDHC (64GB has to be XC), a sloppy paint job on the card, and a photocopied box with nice typos on the back.

For reference, here’s a real one:

real card

All-time console awards: Most adept at dirt collection


Winner: Microsoft Xbox

No console before or since has had so many unnecessary crevices and confusing industrial design choices. It’s capable of collecting dust, dander and unknown substances far more effectively than your average SNES or Dreamcast. It’s no wonder the original Xbox is a runaway first place for this category. Its ungainly frame and questionable fashion sense leave many simply wondering, “why?” Coupled with the cavelike environs these units surely inhabit, we find a no-win situation when it comes to cleanliness. With an incredible approx. 5 exclusive titles that anyone remembers, it’s destined to be one of the largest footnotes in gaming history.