Dream 2021.8.12

Dreaming I was at a recording of a Rick Astley concert where he was saying “this is the most important night of my life,” had his shirt unbuttoned and was crowd surfing and started to look increasingly more like Buckaroo Banzai with the crowd screaming uncontrollably while he was singing “only mortal doctors, only mortal doctors… only mortal doctors have seen it all”

It looked a lot like a giant version of my brother’s room with lots of posters of Bob-ombs and other things around the studio’s blue walls

This has happened just as I was trying to use the HD camcorder’s light to illuminate the inside of the Asteroids Deluxe cabinet so I could work on something and when I was getting ready to record what I was doing, that was one of the videos that played because I accidentally had it on play mode

In a previous dream I was being driven downtown by going away from it on the expressway

When we got downtown the sky was looking really cool and I tried to take pictures but they didn’t turn out

Then we got out and there was an extremely large building that had glass sides and a large overhang with nothing below part of it, and it was so high that there were mammatus clouds against the bottom of the overhanging area

There were lots of annoying apartment buildings too and I guess the new thing to do was to have a lot of furniture glued to the outside of your building, with various wall colors and angles, like parts facing straight down for pedestrians to look up at

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