Dream 2021.5.14

We were driving somewhere in St. Louis. We were on the highway but there was a road we had to cross to get to a tunnel that was an uninterrupted road to whatever street we were going to. It was a weird sloping road on the left, that looked like it went to an autobank, kind of in a place that seemed incorrect.

As we drove through the tunnel, we were walking instead and going past lots of other people who were content to stand on the moving floor. Two girls and one guy kept pace with us and we all got in a large elevator at the end of the concrete conveyor belt with steps.

The elevator had seats so I sat down. The elevator was going up at a very fast speed, sometimes slowing for a moment and then continuing up. After a while, the golden woodgrain walls were windows and I could see that we were moving backwards as well as upwards. I could feel the vibration every time the skyride carriage moved past the rollers, but otherwise it was a very fast ride that almost seemed like we weren’t moving at all. We went higher and higher away from the city center and I was trying to remember what professor this ride led to. I whispered “what a smooth ride. This is the kind of thing I’m always dreaming about,” just as my alarm went off.

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