Dream 2020.2.3

Dreamed I was watching a movie from the 70s on The Weather Channel. I was looking for a bowl for food or something and Data’s hand was walking around on a checkered floor like Thing from the Addams Family, grabbing the bowl. Then the narration started. Some British guy was talking about his exile from society. The camera was pointed straight down from above as he was walking across a snowy landscape towards the bottom right of the screen, chased by a multitude of cars. His feet were sliding as he walked so he covered great distances with few steps, basically like he was superimposed on the footage. The next few scenes involved him swooping through the skies. The camera followed him tightly as he dipped and soared. He was a moose or large goat or yak in ski gear. There were trees close to the ground, and very narrow, very tall mountains here and there. There was one mountain in particular that had a tree on it where he landed and had to face his rival. There was just enough room for the two of them to stand on the top of the round, green hill. The tree was small so they fought with it between them. The opposing flying creature-person put its arms up to grab the protagonist’s neck, but he just punched the rival in the shoulders, causing them to fall backwards. The protagonist then grabbed the tree and took it and its dirt mound with him as he leapt off the small round mountain and swooped up, turning into a grey fighter jet in the distance and flying far away. The copyright information displayed on the screen. I tried to record it on a DVR at Mom’s house but when I played the recording there was just static.

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