Dream 2020.4.4

I was playing Super Mario Advance and thinking to myself what I had forgotten how much crazy stuff they did in it.

I was playing as Mega Man (slightly enlarged, badly scaled NES sprite) in a cloud level with lots of Birdo eggs lying around. After a while I got to a part of the level that was more like NES SMB3 with a black background where the goal was to keep getting Starmen and plow through as much stuff as possible. You could destroy items and enemies while invincible. There were spinning “disks” of items (things like POW blocks mostly) that took up most of the screen, items arranged diagonally, items stacked up that seemed to lower the ceiling when destroyed, and weird little gold Christmas trees that you could get trapped under if you destroyed too many items. By the end of the level, I was Kirby, thinking to myself how great the next section of the level was, but I ran offscreen past the doorway, over which there was a logo that said “All About Eve” in the style of the logo for the movie “All That Jazz.”

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