I’m getting some great spam so far!

from Gonymymneneli
Submitted on 2013/06/20 at 9:32 pm
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Classmates we have bought your basketball Finals and MLB landscaping and we did not 1, Not just 2, Rather 3, 500 star category MLB head of hair suitable to receive weekend, NO sales staff with headache and also your NO themsleves levels.
Costa delaware Marfil.
(For extra, Look your current KFC primary trades section!).
In the commercial coming from all nfl estimations, Inseason commercial benefits are really difficult calculate.
Rhubarb is by the same token a superb brand of liquefied, Even so the device’s vegetation also are disastrous to you personally.”

How to Pwn

Chup Audio Pwnage Systems Inc. Presents…

Have you ever wanted to become a dual stereo master of audio? Probably not, but if you did, you’d want to follow in my footsteps after you read this! Once you read this, you will know How to Pwn

~From the Adventures of Chupperson Weird~

I, Chupperson Weird, eccentric billionaire, decided…

…to do something with the speakers on my wall which were not doing much.

So, I got out the ancient tuner that had been under my bed for several years.

I decided to create an invention!
I clipped some phone wire from the ludicrously long piece connecting my stereo to my old computer.

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