Dream 2021.1.16

Dreamed my dad sent me a viral post featuring 3 “song fails” about video games. The second one started off with girls driving a “taxi” (more like a black amusement park ride vehicle of some kind) with a weird sign on top of the open-air cab that said “Morocco” in volcanic letters. The lyrics were “video game marquee, imported says G-C-E” but the girl singing it pronounced it “mar-queue” so it didn’t even rhyme.

The preview of the next song was “girl meets supergun” and it showed a girl trying to sit down at a candy cab-height control panel but it had some exposed high voltage PCB/contraption on it and she zapped her knee and fell over.

Dream 2020.10.11

I was in an underground compound in the style of an early DOS FPS with Chief O’Brien and Ben and Jake Sisko. I went into one yellow room that seemed to be a chapel with rows of pews. I went to the third one from the front and clicked my mouse on a blocky sprite of Dr. Manhattan. He looked at me from the side of his face with one big round eye and disappeared, leaving a device that looked like an open TOS communicator with the handle of a phaser. There was now an outline of Dr. Manhattan’s body that looked like a gorilla in place of every closely-spaced doorway in the blue corridor that led to the way out. As the other three wandered around looking for a way to the surface, I started trying to activate a transporter that had a passport ID-style fingerprint scanner, but it had the voice of Picard and wouldn’t let me beam us out. O’Brien figured out that the weird device I found was some sort of absolute matter controller, and it was blocking the gain of our signals. He decided he would stay behind, saying “Are you crazy? We can’t take that thing back with us. It’ll destroy the universe!” Somehow though we got into the transporter booth and managed to control it enough to start beaming us out as he threw the device to the wall. We beamed out to a place at night with a fountain and a weird round shiny TOS-style turret above it that shook and blew sparks as the underground compound exploded. The turret fired three capsules, about the right size to hold in two hands, one red, blue, and yellow. The red and yellow ones bounced off the parking lot but the blue one stayed stuck in midair and rotated on its long axis quickly for a while.

Dream 2020.8.30

We were storing leftover food on shelves in the garage. Most of this was uncovered, on plates. A can of Spaghetti-Os had exploded, blowing the top part of the can off. We don’t even eat Spaghetti-Os.

A friend of my brother was describing receiving “Hey Therapy” which involves someone repeatedly saying “hey” at you in different tones of voice.

I put some thin orange tape above my eyebrows and it was hard to notice.

Dream 2020.8.10

We had an “egg race” at my house, which was first herding live chicks, but then became kicking large amounts of popcorn kernels (“eggs”) across the floor through the kitchen and out the laundry room (there was other interesting scenery as well) and once the race was outside it was dark so we had trouble differentiating large weird bugs from the roly-polys which were now the racing items

Dream 2020.7.26

Dreamed about two movie stars skydiving down without parachutes and having a conversation in a bathroom covered in movie posters. I remember just losing it at a poster that described forearms as “turbo arms” and then having to Google to see if that was a thing anywhere else but the only result was that movie poster in tons of results in really weirdly rendered Thai

Dream 2020.6.28

Mom and I had to steal a Roxette casette tape from someone’s house. It was dangerous so we let the residents’ dog free from our car to distract them while we went inside. These were seemingly tapes from our house.

Driving back down our street going east, there were larger-than-usual houses and the white house with pillars had luminous purple and magenta fog in its trees. It was some kind of factory.

I was having a very hard time keeping my car driving straight. First I had to turn the wheel nearly all the way to the right, then to the left as we went over the various slopes of the road. After a while we found out there was a “load simulator” function indicated on the dashboard that had been turned on. After we turned it off, the car worked fine. I was supposedly driving back to my house but the image in my mind was Grandma’s house.

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Dream 2020.5.30

Dreamed that as I was going to bed, I saw a mouse, so I cornered him and grabbed him with my hand. He had weird little sparrow wings and after I petted him he calmed down but his limbs started to stretch and mutate, Tetsuo-style. I put him in a paper sack and found that there were two other mice downstairs, along with other weird creatures like 16-legged mouse-shaped insects and little beetles that looked like pineapples. As I attempted to clean this mess up, emergency alarms blared in my ears and I wondered if a tornado was coming.

Dream 2020.4.4

I was playing Super Mario Advance and thinking to myself what I had forgotten how much crazy stuff they did in it.

I was playing as Mega Man (slightly enlarged, badly scaled NES sprite) in a cloud level with lots of Birdo eggs lying around. After a while I got to a part of the level that was more like NES SMB3 with a black background where the goal was to keep getting Starmen and plow through as much stuff as possible. You could destroy items and enemies while invincible. There were spinning “disks” of items (things like POW blocks mostly) that took up most of the screen, items arranged diagonally, items stacked up that seemed to lower the ceiling when destroyed, and weird little gold Christmas trees that you could get trapped under if you destroyed too many items. By the end of the level, I was Kirby, thinking to myself how great the next section of the level was, but I ran offscreen past the doorway, over which there was a logo that said “All About Eve” in the style of the logo for the movie “All That Jazz.”