Dream 2020.6.28

Mom and I had to steal a Roxette casette tape from someone’s house. It was dangerous so we let the residents’ dog free from our car to distract them while we went inside. These were seemingly tapes from our house.

Driving back down our street going east, there were larger-than-usual houses and the white house with pillars had luminous purple and magenta fog in its trees. It was some kind of factory.

I was having a very hard time keeping my car driving straight. First I had to turn the wheel nearly all the way to the right, then to the left as we went over the various slopes of the road. After a while we found out there was a “load simulator” function indicated on the dashboard that had been turned on. After we turned it off, the car worked fine. I was supposedly driving back to my house but the image in my mind was Grandma’s house.

As we got closer to our cross street, the image shifted. I was controlling a top-down view of a pinball-like scene where the goal was to guide a Disney prince on a horse through this zigzagging lane but if you went too fast the horse couldn’t handle the turns and would spin out or fall over. Close to the end of the track, he fell off the rails and became Goofy falling into a water hazard below the track. Climbing the stairs back to the main attraction area, we were approaching a very wide and long outdoor stairway to a mall-like castle. It was getting dark as we entered, and we struggled to figure out whether the dancing figures in glass displays in the wall were people or animatronics. Some of the dancers emerged into the walkway area and one of them was like a small, egglike Buzz Lightyear with a cube or sack on its head.

Girlfriend went into a shop where they had a stack of items on display near the metal detector. I noticed that the shops were starting to close and pulling down blue metal doors. I figured we had better leave and by the time we walked through the door and left, it had already closed and had its metal door in place. We began to walk out of the mall and went down some steps that were smooth enough that I figured out that I could just slide both my feet down them at once, extremely quickly. This reminded me of the way our exchange student’s brother slid his feet down the stairs when we visited them. Outside, it was getting dark but there was a misspelled sign that amused me so I took a picture of it. It took a long time and was blurry and somewhat diagonal from the long exposure. My brother put his hand through the holes in a trash can to reach me and I thought that was gross.

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