Dream 2021.2.4

Trying to explain the layout of an old church to a bunch of people while we were in one section of it (but it was actually Grandma’s house) talking about a long narrow corridor that led to a section over a cliff

Ordering food from a doorway at the side of an automatic car wash where it pulls your car through

A “new” version of Batman Returns. I was viewing it from the perspective of Batman. I became aware that there was another Batman as well. He had a Brooklyn accent or something.  We both had gorillas to help us out. So far there were no supervillains but 2021 Michelle Pfeiffer seemed to be playing a washed-up Avon lady. One night the other Batman and I, along with our gorillas, were on a rooftop and some weird little triangular weights on chains dropped down from the sky.

One gorilla grabbed one and was whisked upward, so we all grabbed on and were pulled up to a white foggy Penguin-themed aircraft interior. There were bird-styled controls and as we looked at them, the craft took an incredible dive and began swooping closer and closer to the buildings of Gotham City. The other Batman said something like “we’re on the wrong ride!” and one of us followed up with something like “we got the wrong guy!” This was very funny. We managed to jump off the deck of the aircraft and laid low on top of another building. This one had a small room on top with a large hole where giant hornets were coming out. They were about a foot long and just crawled around on the roof before going back in the hole as I scrambled to turn on a flashlight. Then the room also had a door where some dachshunds came out. After a while it got to be morning and the “fire department” showed up. They seemed to actually be some kind of film safety committee and we had to pay them to get them to leave us alone. Avon lady and her lackeys were there eventually and she had to give the committee some money as well. After this, we were sitting in a garden in the city and some event was happening. I was sitting across from a woman and she was next to the Avon lady. Avon lady said “I need to borrow your shoes” and the woman across from me handed her an extra pair of shoes that she wasn’t wearing. Moments later I found she had used the shoes as collateral in some kind of gambling, and then started betting large amounts of piano sheet music. As she read off the names of each piece I realized this was all music I owned. I looked at my piano and all the sheet music it had on its stand was missing. She could not pronounce “Le Cathedrale Engloutie” and at this point I declared in a very loud voice that this music belonged to me and I demand it be returned immediately. The person officiating this didn’t know what to do and then someone in what had now become my parents’ living room turned to me and showed me a book of single-panel cartoons which he explained were drawn by a woman who was also a letter carrier. He said “but this is twice as much!” and tried to get me to look up the price for it on eBay so he would know what it was worth.

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