10 thoughts on “Super Scope Eye Protector Replacements Now Available”

  1. Are you able to 3d print an entire sight for the super scope? The slide that attaches to the gun and the eye cylinder?

    1. Hi,
      I do have plans to reproduce the entire sight but I haven’t gotten to model it or test it yet. If I have extra time I’ll try to do that in the near future.

  2. Also interested in the entire slide for the super scope if you wide up making available. I was wondering if you have the battery cover for the sega menacer?

    1. That’s another one to add to the list. I don’t currently have a Menacer but hopefully I can grab one to model the battery cover off of. I will try to get a full sight for the Super Scope made as well.

      1. Dude need one badly for Christmas. Got t2 and everything. Add me on ig @itssamueljonathan I have cash or nintendo games to trade! You are the man!

  3. Add me as another person who would buy the entire slide assembly (all the way to the rubber eye piece). I will be watching hopefully!

  4. I’m also interested in the Super Scope 6 sight attachment/slide piece.

    Please add me to your list.

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