Game & Watch Wide Screen Battery Covers

Game & Watch Wide Screen battery covers are now available in my eBay store!
If you’re missing the battery cover for your Game & Watch and can’t play, we have new 3D-printed replacement covers waiting for you!
This battery cover is for the classic “Wide Screen” model, which includes Octopus, Fire, Chef, Manhole, and others. Covers for other Game & Watch models are coming soon!

These covers are available in multiple colors, currently including red, yellow, blue, green, white, grey, black, clear, transparent orange, and transparent green. Ask about more colors too!

2 thoughts on “Game & Watch Wide Screen Battery Covers”

  1. Hello !
    I’m interested buy 5 pcs
    Nintendo Game & Watch Battery Covers.
    What is the price including shipping to FINLAND ?
    Best Regards Mika Mikkonen : Finland

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