Chup® Products
Price List

Miscellaneous section

Chup Commemorative Poster! Complete with tacks!

Chup® in its natural state (Chuplatinous)

ChupStick® Relieves Your lips! $3.00

Chupperware Releases a Chuppy smell in your
dishwasher when you wash it!!

$3.00 ea.

Chup Laundry Soap
Put this in with your laundry and when you
take it out, everything will smell like Chup!!!
Made from 100% pure Nice Real Chup!


Chup Dental care:
ToothChup Tube: $5.00
Chupple Floss: $7.00
ChoothBrush: $4.00
Get the complete set for only $12.00!!

ChaseBall is Baseball with a Chuppy Twist!

Chup Motor Oil is better for the engine!

Food and Drink section

Corn Chups
Three 14Oz. Packages- $15.00
One 8Oz. Package- $5.00

Potato Chups
Three 14Oz. Packages- $15.00
One 8Oz. Package- $3.00
16Oz. Box- $12.00

MultiGrain SunChups
12Oz. bag- $6.00
6Oz. bag- $3.00

More ChupChips!
Mmmm! Comes in large or Small!*
Also, comes in 6 different kinds!
Try 'em! They're Good!

Chuffles: $7
Choritos: $8
Chlays: $7
Chold Gold (Chetzels): $6
Cheeeetoes: $8
Chritos: $7
*Deduct $2.00 for price of small

ChupFish: Tiny Crackers
12 Oz. - $6.00 (Box)
8 Oz. - $4.00 (Papery Foil Bag)
The Oldest product (except pure Chup)
And one of the best. Comes in 5 cool flavors!

Original(chup), Cheese, Pizza, Apple & Nachos!

Chupperoni & Pep
Looks like little Cs!
14 Oz. Box - $12.00
(with Chup sauce)

Chup® Seltzer
Always a Cock-eyed Bottle!

Chup Pop!
Mm-mm! Choose from great new kinds,
or get the classics!

Chupsi, Diet Chupsi, Choot Beer, Dr. Chupper,
Diet Dr. Chupper, 7 Chup, Chosta, Chrite,
Chok-a-Cola (or strauberrie), Diet Chok-a-Cola,
New York Chupser, Churge, Minute Chaid, Clearly Chupadian
- all 12 Oz. cans -
6.00, 12Pak - $15.00

Chupsticks (To eat chup with!)
One pair - $13.00

Nothing in the fridge? Just dial our number
and order a Chizza!

Olive, Chup, Motor Oil, Pop, Fish or B.B.Q.!
Large: $18.00 Small: $10.00

Chups Ahoy!
Chocolate chup Cookies.
$5.00 a pack.

Toys section!!

ChupCars Chup® logo on Every Car!
$7.00 each

Year 3000 Chup cars!
Electric powered super cars.
Comes in 10 different cool styles!
All are 10" x 4" in size.
Each has its own specialty!

Black Fury: $20
Golden Fire: $30
Green Speeder: $20
Yellow Electro: $20
Purple power: $30
Blue Aqua: $35
Red fire: $25
Silver Shot: $40
Orange Zipper: $15
Pink Soarer: $17